ethnic runaway

hi This time I’ll show you the view that ethnic dress looks sweet and makes you feel close to nature

ethnic runaway

Monsoon tie dye top

Missoni square scarve $380 –

Guerlain makeup

White home decor

Bamboo home decor

Modern home accessory

Wood 12 x 12 Paper

casual looks

Today I show some casual style choice of popular celebrities
There Demi lovato with an elegant casual style, Taylor swift with attractive sweaters, Selena gomez casual style with a chic and simple style of Miley that look nice.
Choose your favorite casual style!

casual looks

Alexander Wang top

Black shirt
$140 –

Knit top

Michael Lauren white top

Red shirt
$8.34 –

Red shirt

A.L.C. shorts

Nümph high waisted pants

Converse black flat
$84 –

Keds shoes

Black flat

Proenza Schouler bag

Brooks Brothers red handbag

Satchel handbag

LowLuv silver ring

CÉLINE black sunglasses

Chanel oversized sunglasses
$370 –

Happy Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming soon,
I will inspire you to look beautiful on valentine’s day with sweet style, cool style, and looks sexy to surprise your boyfriend.
check this out!

Happy Valentine

Ted Baker print dress

Body conscious dress

H M top $33 –

High rise shorts $33 –

Michael Kors shoes $355 –

Nike footwear

High heel sandals $46 –

2b zip bag

Pink glasses $500 –

Jennifer Behr head wrap headband $210 –

sweet vs chic!


Tonight I will give you inspirational ideas in using a white shirt.
We can combine them with sweet style or casual but still look chic.
check it out!!!

sweet vs chic!

H M shirts top
$13 –

Zimmermann pleated mini skirt
$245 –

Amanda Wakeley silk cropped pants
$290 –

Jenni Kayne pointed toe flat

Vince Camuto pointy toe flat

Cross body

SELECTED black shawl
$54 –

Forever New beach hat
$22 –

Bowler hat
$20 –

long skirt in magic

I have long black skirt
I often glued to use the skirt at any official event,
but apparently quite attractive when matched with some other styles ranging from sexy purple, flowery preppy, and bring me out this style.
check it out!

long skirt in magic

Miss Selfridge floral tank

Aéropostale sheer tank

Victoria s Secret PINK crop tee

Turquoise blazer
$27 –

VILA jersey skirt
$17 –

Wedding pumps

River Island metallic handbag
$50 –

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen deco jewelry
$130 –

Party jewelry
$46 –

mix and match pink dress !

hello everyone !!IMG_20131225_144333
Today I will share a little bit about my style Christmas holiday last year.
I chose to use pink dress to make it look bright and fresh
In Indonesia being the rainy season, I wear tights and a scarf that feels a little w

I also tried to combine my style pink dress with some of the following models
not just for the party, but also for hangouts or to go to work.
may be useful 🙂

mix and match pink

thanks !

Wild for Gifts with Juicy Couture

Wild for Gifts with Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture lace dress

Juicy Couture t shirt

Miss Selfridge red shoes

Juicy couture handbag

Juicy couture charm

Juicy Couture bracelet

Juicy Couture sunglasses

Green Fashion Innovation !

Hi ! 

in this post I will talk about green fashion innovation. Green fashion is a breakthrough innovation in the world of fashion that promote eco-friendly fashion products.
Before talking more about green fashion innovation, I will repost on the history of eco friendly fashion from the following website

Katharine Hamnett


The birth of sustainable fashion really was quite a long while ago.  It started once upon a time, with the tree-hugging hippie-influenced dedication to locally grown, pesticide free, and handmade products but has now grown into one of the most sophisticated and highly influential markets in the world, bleeding its value-based philosophies into every nook and cranny possible, in hopes of making the world better through fashion.  

In the 50s the social elite wore couture and those who could not afford couture, tried to follow fashion by making their own clothes.  The 60s and 70s marked the birth of mass production as fashion houses started to manufacture clothes overseas to lower production costs in order to make apparel and accessories more ‘financially attainable’ to the masses. In response, the environmental movement began in the 70s with the subject of ‘hippie’ values having a noticeable effect on fashion.  Shops started to pop up all over, selling ethnically infused clothing to support communities in various ways.  People began to purchase an item for what it represented and not solely because they liked the way something looked.  Even with this new focus on social and ethics-based values in the fashion industry, the 80s and 90s represented an era when mass production grew in an overwhelming way and news of sweatshops caught worldwide attention alongside understandable criticism.  The battle between values-based production and purely financially driven production continued and still continues to this day, with ethical fashion provoking what some people refer to as a revolution.  




Many things have changed.  Over the years, sustainable fashion lost its look of sewn together patches of burlap and tie-dyed fabrics that looked like canvas which were never going to make it down a ‘fashion week’ runway.  Ethical consumerism in the fashion industry now involves every aspect from farming through to manufacture and development, constantly evolving and keeping those of us who are following the movement on our toes, but most of all, incessantly focused on the look and feel of the products.  


Stella McCartney


Large companies like EspritPatagoniaSpeedoGapH&M, and Nike have made progress toward ethical standards.  Industry pioneers, such as Katharine Hamnett and Linda Loudermilk carved the way and continue to set standards for new fashion leaders to look to.  Popular design houses such as Stella McCartney and Kuyichi, are relentless in continuing to raise the bar with new designs and higher standards each season. Fair trade certifications have been developed and continue to be revised and improved, to fight the deplorable existence of sweat shops.  Shows such as Estethica at London Fashion Week and The GreenShows at New York Fashion Week have been developed to facilitate and present the ever-impressive works of sustainable fashion innovators worldwide.  Ethical fashion is now ‘mainstream’.

There are several elements contributing to the growing strength of eco fashion, to include education, perseverance, innovation, an open heart and an open mind.  I personally believe the open mind and educational aspects fuel everything else because once you know and understand what you are working and fighting towards, everything else just makes sense.  There are many different components that can represent sustainability in a fashion product.  Check out our eco criteria classifications or for a more in depth look at these concepts, check out our ecoglossary.

Stay tuned for Part II of the Eco-Criteria Series, an overview of fair trade practices, certifications and governing bodies. For a full outline of what is to come within the series, read our ‘Intro To Eco Criteria‘ article. 


Katharine Hamnet

Based on the above posts, the actual eco-friendly fashion has long evolved in different countries
Unfortunately in Indonesia, it is still not getting the attention of fashion enthusiasts the world.

I actually had quite a long interest in developing green fashion this innovation.

several years ago I’ve made ​​a project redesign of old newspapers into a simple skirt but quite interesting with my high school friend



In college I learned more about green technology, and this will help me to further develop the green fashion innovation.

I hope I’ll bring new innovation about green fashion topics in my next post !

See you !!